We were recently invited to attend a live Cook-Along with the Giggling Gourmet—Jenny Morris, and what a fantastic experience. Day 100-and-something of the global lockdown—or what feels like 100-and-something—has surely left some us feeling a bit cooped up, and perhaps a little bored. So when we received our invitation, it was a welcomed change to a ‘normal’ Saturday afternoon. 

Cook Along

The Giggling Gourmet

Jenny Morris is a household name in South Africa, as well as around the world. She is one of South Africa’s most revered chefs and TV personalities. From published cookbooks and magazine articles to radio and TV presenting across the globe, celebrity chef Jenny Morris shares her innate love for food with a local and international audience. Not only that, but Jenny Morris has launched several products, embarked on culinary adventures with tour groups, opened a restaurant, and taught thousands of students—both in school and at home—how to cultivate a healthy relationship with food and cooking. 

The online Cook-Along we attended three Saturdays ago was very enlightening. The classes are conducted via Zoom, with about five to eight students. Jenny provides amazing insight into preparing, creating, and ultimately enjoying the entire process. We felt that the class was next-generation—meaning the class was focused on actually teaching you to cook and loving it versus simply following a recipe. The Cook-Along was instructional, entertaining, and inspiring. The meal? Delicious to say the least. We prepared a vegetarian dish and dessert—an inspiration for Meatless Mondays. Butternut Cannelonni and Cooked Pears with a Homemade Spicy Syrup. 

Cook Along with Jenny morris

Wow—is all we have to say about the end result. The Cook-Along is ideal for learning how to prepare meals for yourself, as well as groups of people. Pair it with a beverage—and voila—an amazing evening with friends or family and a tantalizing meal to go with it.

Cook Along with Jenny Morris

International Giveaway

This week, we are hosting an awesome #internationalgiveaway with Jenny Morris. Two lucky people stand a chance to win a Cook-Along class with the Giggling Gourmet—in July. To enter, simply head to our Instagram Page, follow us and Jenny Morris, like the photo, tag a friend or family member you’d love to join the Cook-Along, and share it to your story. Winners will be announced Saturday, 27 June.

Interview with Jenny Morris coming soon. Check out our amazing interviews with Inspirational Women here.