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Kate Winfield – Health and Wellness Consultant and creator of Female Seasons

Kate Winfield is a multi-passionate entrepreneur, health and wellness consultant and qualified Hatha yoga instructor. She traded a successful twelve-year career in AdTech to realise her vision of helping women gain a deeper understanding of how their mind, body and spirit are connected. Through the combination of nutrition, movement, mindfulness and the ‘female seasons’ of a woman’s menstrual cycle, she hopes to empower women with practices that can be sustained for a lifetime; for a life full of happiness, health, and abundance.

What inspired you to make the change from corporate to health and wellness?

Truly, I was completely burnt out. I was exhausted from juggling far more responsibility than one person can truly manage well. My body was also trying to tell me something was wrong, but for several years I hadn’t been listening to it. I was caught up in the societal trappings women often try to adhere too, spinning multiple plates whilst looking like you’ve got it all together, in all aspects of your life.

What does spirituality mean to you?

Faith. Faith in dimensions beyond our comprehension and understanding that are present to deliver us back to love. I believe in divine order; the more connected a person is to source energy and their truth, the more abundant they are in all of their value systems. By living in alignment to source energy, we are living our fullest expression of our highest self; an omnipotent, and conscious being that is being supported, guided and directed through faith.

Do you believe that we can jeopardise our well-being by the way we live our lives, and by not being in touch with our mind, body, and spirit?

I believe that when we are born, we are delivered from love, meaning our mind, body, and spirit is entirely pure. It is only through our interactions that we become so impressionable throughout our lives. Wellbeing I define to be living by your highest values and in service to others; this in alignment. As I have experienced myself, it is only in our later years that we become more consciously aware and endeavour to reclaim that initial state, in recognition of how far we have moved away from it.

What are your thoughts on the following statement? Self-care is the foundation of true success.

Whatever you believe about yourself on the inside, you will manifest on the outside. Self-care is the ultimate recognition of your value determination. Greek philosophy of axiology—the study of value and worth—which formed the cornerstones of aesthetics and economics is testament to the practice of self-care resulting in one’s success—whatever you determine success to mean.

Kate Winfield
Can you tell us a bit about Transcendental Meditation and how it benefits your self-development?

The study of TM has been transformational for me. I was introduced to the practice by a friend, as a tool to revolutionise how I operated, personally and professionally. In line with self-care, meditation affords peaceful reverence for your inner knowing to guide you. We have all the answers within us because we were born by purpose, to live out a purpose. As such, TM has enabled me to tap into that inner knowing and find clarity of mind, balance within my body and freedom of my souls’ purpose. It has allowed me to listen to my inner desires and manifest my wildest dreams. I can’t recommend it more highly as the best resource you’ll ever access; it is a discipline, but a worthy one.

What is your definition of success?

I think success is constantly being redefined, as we evolve and grow. Currently, I define it to mean living in accordance with my higher self. Last year I qualified as a Hatha yoga instructor in Bali, Indonesia. One of the most profound learnings I took from Buddhist philosophy was the statement ‘who you are on the mat when you face physical and mental challenges, is who you are out in the world’.

Showing up for yourself, investing time to grow and develop, to face challenges with grace, and to have gratitude for my ‘mind, body and spirit’ are the foundations for success—they are reflections of my self-belief, my character, and my integrity. If you can acknowledge that all polarities exist in each and every one of us, then you can be graceful in seeing those reflections in others. Operate from a place of love and service and success comes in abundance.

Hatha Yoga
How do you define a female frontier?

While there is a cultural tendency to recognise female public figures for pushing the proverbial envelope in any given field, I believe a female frontier is any woman that is starting a conversation, a movement, or evoking change in how we currently live and create as women—whether it is known on a local or global scale.

Kate Winfield
What are three important things any female frontier should know?

Be the change. Believe that if you are called to something, it is likely because it is aligned with your souls’ true purpose. Nothing changes, if we do nothing. 

What advice would you give to emerging female entrepreneurs entering the world of health and wellness?​

The world is becoming more conscious. We are being forced to awaken to what some have ignored—others weren’t even aware of and very few were 

prepared for. We have all been asked to “stay home” and “act responsibly” as we navigate this unprecedented time, but have many considered that their primary home—the one we live in every day—pre-, during. and post this pandemic is our body? You only get one. So, now more than ever, there is a vibrational shift in consciousness for people to act and take care of their first homes. There couldn’t be a better time to step into this field and shine a light for people, so don’t be afraid to answer Mother Nature’s call.

With the big boom in social media careers, what are two of your tips for using these platforms effectively and efficiently?

People buy from people, and social media is the magnifying lens into the value you are adding. Post only when you have something to say that is on-brand, authentic, and adds value. Focus on finding clients that you can truly serve and make a difference in their lives. When you look in earnest, they will show you what they need, desire, and value. There is minimal to be gained if you aren’t living and sharing from a place of authenticity. Make sure all platforms are coherent with one another and most importantly, authentically you.

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