Dreaming of a fresh start, but not sure how to cultivate a life you love?

For people across the globe, there are generally three key recurring regrets in life. Working so much at the expense of relationships, family, and friends, not having enough confidence or worrying too much what others think, and finally, trusting their intuition or the voice in their head more.

As the world moves towards wellness, we’re seeing more and more people jump the corporate ship, the career path they followed because it was the one they thought they should be doing, and finally tuning in to that inner voice in search of a more authentic, healthy life that gives them back the gift of time with those they love.

“Happiness is the meaning and the purpose of life, the whole aim and end of human existence," Aristotle wrote.

In our work-obsessed culture, we are frequently led to believe that if we aren’t climbing that corporate ladder, we aren’t going anywhere. Our busy lives tend to consume us. We make poor choices like grabbing easy, unhealthy food on-the-go. We catch up with family and friends on-the-go. Our lives are constantly on-the-go. Running around like headless chickens, trying to squeeze everything in, while working overtime to impress the boss, just isn’t cutting anymore. Well—for some of us at least.

What does it mean to cultivate a life we love?

For some, it may be quitting the corporate life. For others, it might be saying no to negativity. The important thing to remember is that we are all different. Once we start to feel this shift happening, we will notice that inner voice, that confidence urging us to cultivate more. Creating a life we love is really about aligning ourselves with our core values—the values that are most important to us. These values are a part of us. They might represent what we stand for, or our individual essence, and in cultivating a life we love, we honour our core values, and in turn, experience fulfillment.

Cultivate the Life You Love
So, how do we align with our-authentic-selves?

Authenticity means living from the heart. It means aligning our lives with our core values and acting on them. How we spend our time, who we spend our time with, and where we spend our time—these are key elements to both our happiness and hardships. They also free us from some of those key regrets we might otherwise have had. When we act in ways that align with us authentically, we learn, we grow, and we radiate positivity.

Many of us live in silent desperation. We get up, go to work, put an immense amount of pressure on ourselves, and silently hope that something will change. We spoke to Kate Winfield, a Health and Wellness Consultant that jumped the corporate ship after 10 years working in AdTech in both London and New York. Kate went from being a Commercial Sales Director and Business Strategist to embarking on a wellness journey that changed her life.

“I made a decision at the beginning of last year to be more mindful, to change my diet to be more plant-based, nourish my body and mind with holistic practices, work a job that gives me the lifestyle I really want and be proud to be in my skin; natural and beautiful.”

Over the last 18 months, Kate has travelled, lived in two new countries, learnt new skills, achieved two new qualifications, pushed herself both mentally and physically, made new friends, met her fiancé, started a health and wellness business, and decided to cultivate a life based on choices.

When we choose to live well and in alignment with our-authentic-selves, our desires begin to manifest. We experience creative flow, positive energy, a ‘special’ awareness that, perhaps, wasn’t there before. This alignment means our mind, body, and heart are one, and this—my friends—is the key to success.

A Life You Love

“I realise now that I want more than ever to help other people change their course in life. To learn from my journey and experience; to encourage people to look at themselves differently and get the most from their life; which means readdressing how they care for their body, mind, and soul.”

Today, as part of her wellness business, Kate is an independent consultant partnering with Arbonne. The global wellness company creates botanically-based products to help people flourish from the inside out. For over 40 years, Arbonne has been developing products that are plant-based and scientifically formulated and tested. The Swedish company combines the best of nature and science to deliver quality results with the least amount of impact.

“Arbonne is the first company I’ve encountered that combines superior, botanically based products to support a healthy mind and body that takes inspiration from nature and underpins it with science. Better still, working with Arbonne as an independent consultant has transformed both my body and my work-life balance. Now life is full of awesome opportunities to earn a living, work when and where I want, whilst transforming my own life and the lives of others.”

Head over to Kate’s website to learn more about these vegan-friendly, gluten-free products that support a healthy and balanced lifestyle today!

Feeling stuck and not sure how to let go? Letting go doesn’t mean giving up. Sometimes we have to accept that some things just aren’t meant to be.