Running for me puts the 'awe' back in awesome.

Running is a controversial topic, debated among both seasoned and beginner runners. Whether you’re just starting or have been at it for years, I think it matters why you run, not how long you’ve been running. In a world where judgement is fierce and as common as changing your underwear, it can be difficult to start anything, especially when you don’t have the experience. 

As would be made clear by the title of this blog post, my current obsession is running. Now, I’m not, by any means, writing about it because I’m good at it. I am writing about it because of the way it makes me feel. Mindfulness matters. I started running in 2015. Since then, I’ve never run a race, and I’ve mostly run on a treadmill. However, since the global lockdown, I have taken road running. Now, some may read this and think: ‘She’s not a runner.’ While others may think: ‘You go, girl.’ Whichever line of thought you go with, that’s OK. 

'I've never run a race, and I've mostly run on a treadmill.'

I run for me. I run for the thrill of accomplishing something. I run for the peace it gives me. For the spring it puts in my step and the awe it puts in awesome. There is no greater sense of satisfaction than setting a personal goal and conquering it. It doesn’t have to be a 5K run or a marathon you’ve completed. It’s about saying I did it. I woke up at the crack of dawn, put on my running shoes, and ran with the morning birds singing sweetly as the crisp air filled my lungs. 

When you accomplish things that have daunted you for years, you realize that you have the strength to say: ‘Screw it’ to anything that makes you feel unworthy or belittled. Now, I’m not saying go sign up for a marathon. I mean, for a brief moment after a run, probably while your endorphins are still singing, I’m sure you’ve flirted with the idea of doing a marathon. And then, the endorphins disappear and the reality sets in, and you think to yourself: ‘Perhaps a 5K run will suffice for now.’

Fair enough. That’s OK. Do it. Do you. Don’t let society bully you into a corner and tell you what sort of runner you’re supposed to be. Run for you. 

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