Here and Now, Us and We—The Modern Woman

This week I find myself sitting with a sticky thought. What does the modern woman look like? So, I did what woman are best at, I babbled to a bunch of women … and men and some very interesting points of view were brought to light. A bunch of words kept coming up—strong, fearless, aware on many platforms, driven, risk-takers, spontaneous, loving, sexy, a force in any arena, independent, social, principled, goal-driven, she loves inside and out. 

Warrior Woman

The concept of modern women grew and grew into this uncomprehensible image that encompasses everything and all. It got rather overwhelming, I might add, I thought— ”Crap this is such a personal thing to literally every human on the planet and such a fluid image— how will I be able to confidently represent the modern women in all her facets and have integrity for the personal experience of what a modern woman looks?”

What an exciting time to be a woman, with the privilege of such a rapid and expansive evolutionary and personal space and time to be able to live and grow into whatever the essence of a modern-day women looks like. “No-no really! How will I put that into a cocktail?!’ Then one of the most amazing men in my world said a word to me that hit the nail on the head. She is a warrior.

Warrior Woman
Image by Ana Kuni

The Warrior Woman

That’s what we are—whatever that looks like to you as an individual. Standing together or standing alone, we continue to be the best we can be while upholding personal moral pillars and forging through these uncertain times with the heart of a lion, and the grace and vulnerability of a butterfly. We pass on and learn the wisdom of generations and glisten with the mystic and magic of moonstone. 

This drink has to have it all! And so I’m going to present this one a little differently. I want to explain why I have picked the different elements to express the whole enigma that is the modern warrior woman.

Cocktail Ingredients

45ml of Gold Tequila: A strong and bold liquid gold that’s flavour will not disappear easily into the background of other flavours. Also one of the only ‘uppers’ on the liquor shelf, known as the party popper, it represents the striking, fun, and spontaneous side of her.

2 Nods of Fresh Pressed Ginger: Ginger is a serious flavour that comes in subtle and hits hard. It is unmistakably influential in a flavour profile, while also adding a sting of sweetness, this for me is the industrial side—hardy, resilient flavour profile of her.

1 Nod of Fresh Pressed Red Chili: The passionate, sexy, dangerous but earthy side of her can not be better represented by a fierce and unexpected addition of the fiery ‘no-nonsense’ nature of the ingredient and of her.

80ml of Fresh-Pressed Carrot Juice: Here we find the nurturing, mother earth element. For me, the nutritional healthy complex balance of the sweet and savoury flavour of fresh carrot juice brings forth the more tender, selfless, well rounded, and the grounded heart of her

40ml of Fresh-Pressed Pineapple Juice: A perfect addition to achieve the balance we all strive for. The pineapple is the symbol of hospitality, and is the perfect balance of sweet and tart, shaken up it brings a creamy foamy element to a drink that, for me, represents the final blanket of the essence of her.

Glass: Slim Tall Martini—here we see her feminine touch in the form of a sleek, sexy, and elegant glass, whose base shape is the strongest architectural shape for creating stability. 

Garnish: An Edible Flower Dusted in White Edible Glitter—with this element I hope to represent her delicate nature, sparkling persona, and playful, enchanting and alluring charm

How to Create the Warrior Woman Cocktail

  • First, prep your glass by popping it into the fridge to chill. Then into the bottom of a shaker, muddle the ginger hard, making sure to break up the flesh into small bits. 
  • Next, lightly muddle the chilli. Be gentle with it. It is very difficult to regulate the heat of fresh chilli so you need to have a bit of intuition here about how hard you need to go with it. 
  • Next, add the tequila and juices. Make sure the juices you use are made from ripe ingredients. The riper the sweeter. The natural sweetness is what we are looking for. 
  • Then fill the shaker with ice and give it a hard shake for about 30 seconds. You need to get as much air into the shaker as possible to create the pineapple foam and creaminess, but without over diluting the drink, so put your hips into this shake and break a sweat! 
  • Double strain the drink, and throw the ice out of the shaker. Then recap your shaker and dry shake the drink again to ensure you get a solid foam head.

Place your dusted flower just off centre of the glass and take a moment as you sip to the power of us!

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