During this time of uncertainty and as the world takes strain from the effects of the Coronavirus, more attention is going towards self-isolation and how we cope with anxiety and our loss of freedom. It is the time of social distancing. A time for looking inwards and focusing on our health and safety.

Let's talk about yoga

But with so much time to think about what’s happening and how we’ll overcome the global pandemic, our stress and anxiety levels may rise, causing chaos within. So how do we overcome this? Let’s start by talking about yoga. Some of you might be familiar with the ancient practice, while others might not be. 

Yoga Anxiety

Most of us associate yoga with the physical body and postures that look somewhat painful or impossible. But the practice of yoga extends past that. It is a refuge. A practice that helps us cultivate the tools and resources we might need when life happens. Along with love and light, we must be prepared to face the fear, the pandemics, the uncontrollable circumstances we come across. Yoga is there is to help us. It is us. Regardless of whether we’re a seasoned yoga student or just starting.

The slow movement and controlled, meditative breathing of yoga can significantly reduce physical tension and ease those moments of anxiety. From a Child’s pose to Cat/Cow movements, to extending into a Downward-Facing Dog pose, these simple moves can make all the difference, both mentally and physically.

Online yoga in a time of Coronavirus

Now, enter Christophe Cappon, an accomplished Anusara-Inspired yoga teacher, with the ability to help you break through limitations, work up a sweat with an advanced vinyasa flow, or hone in on the basic yoga poses at a pace that suits you. Christophe has been teaching yoga around the world for over 10 years and is now offering exclusive online private yoga classes. These are not your generic online yoga classes, but rather a personalized yoga program, in which Christophe provides guidance.

Coronavirus Anxiety Yoga

Ultimately, online students can expect the ‘real-life’ Christophe-Cappon yoga approach. Whatever your life stage, hopes, or dreams are—from newbies to long-standing students, Christophe provides a unique yoga practice tailored to individual requirements.

Christophe Cappon Yoga

For more information or to book a class, check out Christophe’s website or visit his Facebook page.