It’s no secret that the travel industry has taken a tremendous hit due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Travel companies, hotels, online booking platforms, and the like have been flooded with cancellations and requests to postpone trips. Governments have restricted travel both locally and internationally, and are keeping mum about when the travel bans will lift. 

But in the face of this incredible pandemic that has quickly made its way across the globe, one company has stood out amongst the rest. As industries come to a near standstill, CuddlyNest has reacted to the coronavirus effect on the globe and sent a strong message in their Plan Now, Stay Later campaign.

Affordable Travel Experiences
Accommodation for the people, by the people.

The online booking platform, which was founded in 2016, has grown exponentially over the last four years, with over one million accommodations worldwide. With a clear focus on accommodation for the people, by the people, CuddlyNest is paving the way to affordable and accessible travel experiences. Not only that, but their new logo and slogan also represent social distancing, with its birds flying apart.

“We wanted to clearly show that social distancing and adhering to the policies set by the CDC is a priority of our business. While travel is at the core of what we offer, we want to encourage our guests to stay home at this time. We also want to help guide them in planning a safe and incredible getaway in the future.”

CuddlyNest’s Partner & COO, Ritesh Raj

Affordable Travel Experiences
Travel The World
Affordable Travel Experiences

Furthermore, for those of us at home, dreaming about our next vacation or travel experience, the CuddlyNest blog provides the travel community with information, tips, inspiration, and guides for future travel. During the worldwide lockdown, CuddlyNest has been proactive and using the time to not only promote their destinations but also enhance communication with customers, as they shape our travel experience with the future in mind.

“The travel industry and the global community are seeing a major set back right now, but we will overcome this pandemic stronger than ever. With the support of our team, families, and friends, we aim to give everyone the opportunity to explore our beautiful destinations again, very soon,”

Ritesh Raj

Photo by Ishan @seefromthesky on Unsplash
Here's to future travel experiences

One of the things we love about CuddlyNest is the fact that they have chosen this time to share experiences, provide helpful guides and how-to’s while home, and give us something to look forward to. In one of their blog posts, the team shared some fantastic virtual tours with the world to help curb our appetite for adventure. 

To our fellow travel community, stay strong, stay safe, stay healthy. And remember that wherever you’ve been is a part of you. Take solace in the memories of past travel experiences, and enjoy these awesome Virtual Tours and Experiences on CuddlyNest’s blog.

Until the next adventure, here’s an epic playlist for all those summer/travel feels.