About us
You can't use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.

 – Maya Angelou –

Most of us enjoy a good read, whether that is a book that moves us, a poem that stokes a fire within, or an article that rouses our curiosity. A piece of well-written literature can impact our feelings, change our behavior, or make us question our values. As a writer, my goal for this blog is to create an online space defined by variety. Where people can empower people through literature. 

My name is Lauren. A native South African, born in Cape Town. I didn’t much care for being South African, so the moment I was able to, I left the country. In a new place, I grew up. And when you grow up, you get eyes with thoughts. And what my thinking eyes saw was Africa at the very core of me. 

It is a broken place. But deep in its brokenness lies its richness. The shattered pieces reflect its tenderness and its suffering. A bloody place filled with tear-stained faces and echos of laughter. One morning you wake up and look in the mirror and see that the mountains, the oceans, and the devastating hunger of the country are in you. The African spirit. You are her and she is you. For better. For worse. For failure. For love.

And no matter where I go or how deeply I convince myself, my eyes are the mirrors of Africa. Mother Africa.

I have been restless most of my life. A dreamer, with a terrible sensitive-ness and a knack for chasing the wind. But as I stumbled into 30, I found that oh-so-cliché balance. I have come to appreciate the still life. The prosaic. The beautiful simplicity of day-to-day living. 

But as dreamers are wont to do, I hunger for travel and give in to desire because living is messy and divine and unctuous. I find solace in the stillness of the moon, the counter-intuitive, the strange, and the mundane. Life. This life. Here and now. I’m in it for the creativity, freedom, and the responsibility that complement our human spirit and give wings to our passion. 

Writing, editing, and making the people around me laugh is my raison d’etre. All of the work I do is inspired by the lives of friends, family, and the notion of making a home wherever you lay your head at night. When I am not behind the keyboard or boarding a flight, I’m usually singing, dancing, drinking coffee, outdoors, and in search of inspiration.

This blog focuses on being present, living mindfully, travel and wellness, and the lustrous moments of the still life. You’ll find everything from travel guides and reviews to seasonal recipes, tips, and personal musings of my wanderings abroad.

My philosophy is simple. Life is art. The mundane, the luxe, the ugly, and the beautiful. I strive to bring a little bit of magic into everyday life. The Still Life.